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Functional safety gloves become mainstream

December 11,2023

Classification of hand protection products

Hand safety protection products mainly include various types of gloves, such as security gloves, sports gloves, ordinary gloves, etc., with safety protective gloves as the main category. Safety protective gloves use different materials and production processes to achieve different protective functions, thereby protecting them in working environments where they may encounter labor injuries such as impact, abrasion, high temperature, low temperature, electromagnetic radiation, ionizing radiation, chemicals, microorganisms, etc. Avoid or reduce hand injuries.

Classification of security gloves

According to different protective properties, security gloves can be divided into functional security gloves and ordinary security gloves. Among  knitted protective gloves, knitted and impregnated protective gloves account for a higher proportion because of their outstanding manufacturing level, production efficiency, and protective performance. Mainstream product in the safety protective gloves market.


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