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It is an important component of the military equipment system

October 25,2023

The recent set of promotional photos in the media are really heartbreaking to see; if they had worn decent gloves, they would not have had to suffer this kind of pain.


The inconvenience of operating the equipment is not a reason not to wear gloves.

The surface temperature of the human body is greatly affected by blood circulation and air temperature. Parts such as fingers that are far away from the trunk and heart can drop to only about 10 degrees Celsius in winter. And 15 degrees Celsius is the lowest skin temperature that the fingers feel comfortable. When the finger skin temperature is between 15-20 degrees Celsius, the hand's skill activity ability has begun to decrease; when the finger skin temperature is lower than 4.4 degrees, the hand's fine activities The ability to work will be completely lost.

The trigger guard is made relatively large because of the consideration of wearing gloves when operating it.

Lacking the insulation ability of  gloves, in winter soldiers' shooting, maintenance, communication and other tasks that require more precision, the reduced ability of the fingers due to low temperature or even frostbite will far exceed the obstacles caused by the gloves themselves. What's more, with the development of gloves now, a large number of mature and reliable solutions have been proposed to solve the problems of insulation and operational flexibility.

Moreover, all military equipment, its common operation, maintenance and other designs are required to be completed by soldiers with matching gloves. For example, the size or structure of the trigger guard of a firearm must be designed to ensure that it can be worn with gloves. To be used with gloves.

On the other hand, human skin is not a high-strength, highly wear-resistant material and is very easy to be cut and worn. The presence or absence of gloves, on the one hand, determines whether a soldier is susceptible to injury, and on the other hand, it often determines the soldier's tactical flexibility and reaction speed. For example, when climbing over an area full of thorns or sharp gravel, soldiers without gloves will move slower than soldiers wearing gloves, no matter how courageous and willing they are to sacrifice. And it is very likely to be injured as a result, which will greatly affect the speed and accuracy of subsequent operations of weapons and equipment.


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