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Security glove industry development trends

December 13,2023

Functional safety protective gloves gradually replace ordinary safety protective gloves.

Functional  safety protective gloves  are safety protective gloves made of special fiber or general fiber knitted core and combined with coatings such as nitrile rubber, PU rubber, natural latex, etc., with the continuous upgrading of coating formulas and impregnation process levels. In the industry Manufacturing companies have gradually achieved protective properties such as anti-cutting, high wear resistance, puncture resistance, high/low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, shock resistance, high friction coefficient in oily environments, and comfort levels such as softness, lightness, breathability, and high wearing fit. Effective combination, and the product is cost-effective. Ordinary safety protective gloves are ordinary yarn gloves commonly used in industrial production in my country. They have a short service life and weak protective performance.

At present, the usage rate of functional safety protective gloves in various working environments is relatively high in developed regions such as Europe, the United States, and Japan. In developing countries, ordinary safety protective gloves mainly made of cotton gauze are mainly used, and functional safety anti-expansion gloves replace ordinary safety gloves.Protective gloves  have become the development trend of production safety and labor protection in various countries.

Special fiber gloves gradually replace general fiber gloves.

Special fibers are mainly new high-performance fiber materials represented by HPPE, aramid, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, etc., which have high strength, anti-cutting, anti-tear, high/low temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and electromagnetic wave resistance. The physical, mechanical and chemical properties of high transmittance are outstanding. Therefore, the protective performance of special fiber functional safety gloves is significantly better than that of cotton, polyester and other general fiber functional safety gloves, and can meet the requirements of focusing on cutting prevention, high wear resistance, puncture prevention and other protection. required industrial areas.


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