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What Are The Materials Used In ESD-Safe Gloves?

August 01,2023

ESD safety gloves  come in many different types and forms, all of which affect the ultimate price and purpose of the gloves.

When it comes to materials, gloves are typically made from:

Latex is the cheapest and most commonly used material forAnti-static gloves. The disadvantage of this is that it cannot be used by people with latex allergies.

Vinyl, while a suitable option for workers or employers allergic to latex, is not as puncture-resistant or as durable as latex.

Nitrile gloves are inherently anti-static, extremely puncture-resistant and durable, and As they are made from synthetic latex, they can be used by all workers regardless of latex allergies. Nitrile gloves are more expensive than vinyl or latex.

Fabric. This material offers the ability to reuse and recycle gloves which can translate into significant cost savings over disposable gloves.


Take note that different glove materials can be dangerous to use with other chemicals; for instance, although nitrile gloves are durable and avoid latex allergy issues, they are not suitable for use with aromatic and ketone solvents. Your work environment may require the presence of more than two types of gloves in order to offer the maximum amount of protection to both workers and products.

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