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Why are industrial protective gloves important?

December 15,2023

In 2011, an average of 13,700 workers were injured on the job every day. Approximately 20% of these injuries are work-related, so ensuring workers wear the correct safety gloves is vital to avoiding injuries, adhering to correct health and safety regulations and avoiding unnecessary losses due to injuries.

Regardless of size, all businesses must maintain a high level of health and safety.

As an employer or business owner, ensuring the safety and health of your employees and workers is a top priority for most people. Ensuring employees are using the right safety equipment in the right environment is an important part of this, as businesses have a legal responsibility to provide this safety equipment. It is vital that employers understand what standards are required for their particular industry. It is their responsibility to ensure that their work teams are provided with gloves that meet this standard and are suitable for that particular handling situation or range of handling situations. Not only does this keep employees safe - healthy employees take fewer work-related sick days, as approximately 235 million days of production time were lost due to work-related injuries in 2011.

As a worker or employee, similar emphasis must be placed on wearing the  right safety gloves. Depending on the industry and handling application, there can be hundreds of consequences that result in the use of inappropriate or environmentally inappropriate safety gear.

Even a minor cut or hand injury can lead to infection and lead to lost workdays, medical bills, and more serious health issues.、


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